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Bay Colony Guides is a fully-insured Massachusetts based catch & release fly fishing guide-service operating year round.  Specializing in, but not limited to, two-handed Spey rods and swing-fishing; we cater to local and traveling Anglers eager to explore what The Bay State has to offer in both fresh and saltwater.  Make the most of your piscatorial pursuit with a guided-excursion.  Whether you're enjoying the coast and want to chase Striped Bass and Bluefish along beaches and estuaries during our Summer season, or if you'd prefer to explore the interior of the state and the wild & stocked Trout its rivers & streams hold, we're here for you!  At Bay Colony Guides, It's ALL about YOU.


While there is no closed fishing "season" here, we do try to offer our clients the best shots at fish under optimal conditions for our Anglers and the fish. We'll start our Spring guided Trout Season in April [weather/conditions/flow-rate dependent] and run through mid-June; giving the cold water trout fisheries a much needed break from fishing pressure during the hottest and driest months of the year [what a perfect timeframe to head East to the coast for a Striped Bass Excursion!].  Consistent river hatches for dry-fly fishing in May make that month the highlight of our Spring Trout focus as those surface-takes can be heart stopping.


Fall Trout excursions begin again in mid-August and we'll continue to target large Browns, Rainbows and Brook Trout through the Winter Holidays. Streamer/"Meat-Season" is a Fall highlight beginning in October that should not be missed. Trout sense the oncoming Winter, strap on the feed-bag and become reckless in their eating habits. Legitimate opportunities to target large, trophy-sized, wild fish.

In May we target migratory Striped Bass along the entire MAss coastline, following these fish in our local waters through October. Massachusetts becomes their home away from home, and this is our busiest six months of the year, by far.  Stripers show up to our beaches hungry and in search of a wide array of forage food; the perfect opportunity to fool them with a "Fleye." As one of the East Coast's premiere inshore gamefish, hooking into one and fighting it on a fly rod can create memories to last a lifetime. The Fall-Run of these fish, mass staging events along beaches and estuaries here, would be the definitive highlight of this fishery; September and October are our favorite months in New England with warm, Indian-Summer days and a 100% chance of fishing.

Lucky enough to be here in August through September?  There's a strong possibility for fly-rod shots at False Albacore and Bonito from our southern beaches.  Shore-caught Albies & Bones are a serious angling accomplishment. These "Tunoid" "Funny-Fish" are true speed demons that will test your ability, your will, your gear and change your life.  Plan accordingly.  

Casting [single and two-handed rods (our specialty)], Rigging [lines, leaders, knots and such], and Fly Tying:  New/Novice Anglers and those feeling rusty from time away from the water can take comfort in the fact that all of our Guides are also Instructors that actually care about your time spent, and your experience on the water with us.  


No one is going to yell at you about your casting ability, or for not setting the hook on a fish in a timely manner [we've seen it before!]. We're all about creating Anglers here. Take a lesson, build-up your skill-sets, and gain the knowledge & experience you need to help you feel more confident on your excursion with us, or for your next D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself] trip. 

Traveling anglers, whether regional, coastal or international, can take advantage of all that Massachusetts has to offer off of the water as well.  We impart insightful local knowledge on lodging and dining opportunities across the state and have several proprietors we work with should you prefer to leave that part of your planning to us.  

American History or Literary enthusiast?  We partner with a tour company in Concord, MA that is sure to set you right on the facts of the Revolutionary War and how our nation was created through it, the real Patriots & famous Authors from here, and their lives in Massachusetts.  History and books are cool!

Craft Beer aficionados will take comfort knowing that the state fo Massachusetts is on the leading edge of the brewing industry, and that our founder is a former commercial brewer. Post excursion impromptu and formal brewery tours can be arranged for those consenting adults who enjoy a frosty adult-beverage straight from the source, or we can recommend a craft four-pack of your favorite beer style to bring back with you.  Again, we're here for YOU!

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